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Jan Toney


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Veronica came into the shop just before Thanksgiving in 2021 and asked if we needed help one day a week.  Of course we said yes, so she started the very next week.  Her plan was to work one day a week and continue her writing, which is her passion.  Well let me just say that she has been a God send and we all fell in love with her right away.  She has gone from working one day a week to working every day.  She started out helping where needed, then found that the clothing area was her expertise.  She makes sure that all of the clothing is clean, neat and ready to put in the shop.  Next time you're in, say "Hi" to Ms Veronica.  She would love it!

Pink Sugar


Libby started at the Naz in July of 2022.  She is with us thru the AARP agency.  She is a loyal, dependable, hardworking friend.  She has the biggest heart and willing to help wherever she is needed.  Her main job is sorting, cleaning and repairing houseware items that come into the shop.  She prices the items and gets them ready for the sales floor.  Stop in and say “Hi” to Ms Libby.



Else has been with us for several years and is a special addition to our team.  She helps in all areas of the shop and is an asset to our team.  Her quick humor and wit make us all want to be around her.  She is dependable, kind and has a beautiful spirit.  Stop in and say hi to Ms Else



    Dickey has been around the Naz, helping for years.  You might see him in the truck doing deliveries, in the back helping the ladies, taking out trash or anything else that needs to be done.  He has a sweet spirit and we love when he can make it to the shop.  He is a joy to have on our team.  Stop in and get to know Dickey.



Robin started with us in October 2022 and has been a joy to have on our team.  She is a highly motived person and works like the “Energizer Bunny”.  Give her a project and consider it done.  She loves to help, clean and decorate.  She helps out on the register and anywhere we need her.  She has a passion for helping people.  We love having her on our team.  Stop in and look for Ms Robin.

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  Carol has been here since the conception of the Naz and she has been an asset since day one.   Her sweet spirit and dependability are endless.  She can do anything at the shop and she does it well.  When the managers want to take time off, she is there to fill in every time.  When she takes a Friday off, her faithful customers always ask if she is ok.  She is known and loved by many.  If you don’t already know her, stop in on Friday and meet her…  I promise, you will love her!

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Nancy is another volunteer that has been at the Naz since the beginning.  She works tirelessly on our display area up front and heads up our Naz Council.  She is also the person that makes our “Give-away Baskets”, pretty.  She loves helping those who are less fortunate and it shows in her everyday life.  If you haven’t met Nancy yet, stop in and get to know her.  You will be glad you did!



 Ric has been a faithful volunteer thru thick and thin since the beginning of the Naz!  She is another prayer warrior that you want on your side.  She keeps the front filled and clean every Friday as well as helping to check out our customers.  What a joy to have her at the Naz.  If you don’t know her yet, come in any Friday and meet her.  You won’t regret it!

Pink Sugar


Brenda has been a blessing to the shop for years.  She works tirelessly four out of five days a week (sometimes more) and always with a beautiful smile.  She runs the register and helps keep the shop in tip-top shape.  If you need a prayer warrior, she’s your gal.  If you want a faithful friend, come in and meet Ms Brenda.

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Robert came into town in June of 2021 and was introduced to the Naz by a Pastor at a church he began attending.  He was only coming over to help on a workday (June 16th) and hasn’t left.  All of the ladies at the shop took him under their wings and learned very soon that they could depend on him to help with anything.  He has been managing the facility and helping with the everyday pick-ups and deliveries, moving the shop around, etc on a regular basis.  If you want to hear a “Terrible” Dad joke, Robert is your man.  He also has taken the position of “Assistant Pastor” of His Mission at his church.  His love for our friends on the street is unending and he is constantly thinking of ways to make life better for us all.  If you haven’t met Robert yet, stop in and say hi!  You’ll be glad you did!



Donna has been helping at the Naz for over two years now and has been a great cheerleader for us all.  When you first meet her, you think she is quiet, but look out because she has a big personality.  She is as beautiful on the inside as she is outside.  If you need a prayer warrior, she’s your gal. Donna helps at the register, hangs clothes, cleans and does anything that is needed.  If you haven’t met Donna yet, you’re in for a treat!  Stop in and say hi!



Barbara is one of the sweetest, kindest people you will ever meet.  Her love for the Naz is unending.  She loves meeting people and helping them in any way she can.  She is a great team player and loves making new friends.  Thursday is her day at the shop, but if we need her other days, she will help whenever needed.  If there is a button missing or a rip in anything, Barbara is our gal.  She can fix ANYTHING, including furniture!  If you haven’t met Barbara yet, you are in for a treat!

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Edrick Anderson

Pick up and Delivery

Also known as "Tarzan", Edrick works tirelessly picking up donations and delivering purchases where available.

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